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Tonight Micah Gummel and I had the special honor of attending and reviewing the 2011 Boston Music Awards ! It was held at the Liberty Hotel in Boston and hosted bands from all genres of music, local to the New England and Boston area. It is a charity event and the money goes to fund music programs throughout New England as well as the program, Music Drives Us. We will post photos, videos, and reviews in the days ahead. Until then, Congratulations to the nominees and the winners of this exciting award. The full list will be published with the review. Here are our favorites !  

Welcome new readers ! Today we provided full coverage of the Joe Bonamassa performance at the Wang Center.

Tea For One: Some Other Spring / Billie Holiday and Her Orchestra (1939) Record Credits: Charlie Shavers, t / Tab Smith, ss, as / Kenneth Hollon, Stanley Payne, ts / Sonny White, p / Bernard Addison, g / John Williams, sb / Eddie Dougherty, d / Billie Holiday, v. New York, July 5, 1939.

I first heard this song in an antique store in Rhinebeck, NY. I heard it, left the store and then went back in to hear the rest. I sat in a rocking chair outside the shop and thought for a moment. Then I remembered the old albums and 78's that my Dad had stored in our living room. Some were on the top cabinets and some were in the wood cabinets of his tube radio 78 player. Yes, I'd heard Billie Holiday before, played around the house. This song wasn't a childhood memory coming back though, for some reason, it seemed as if I'd heard it for the first time.

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Many Thanks to Brian at Seven Sages for the recent upgrades. Bluebird wouldn't be more than an idea without all of your help! We are still under re-construction, but will continue to post articles and reviews.

Click here for my recent interview with folk-rocker Langhorne Slim :


The New York Times and record stores around the globe announced today that Sylvia Robinson died at 75 years old in N.J.

You know who she is, even if you don't think that you do.

"Oh Sylvia!?" "Yes, Mickey !" "How do you call your lover boy?"

"Love Is Strange." The number one song written in 1959 and sung as a duet with Mickey Baker, was made immortal by Jennifer Grey and the late Patrick Swayze in the 1987 film, 'Dirty Dancing." This song is sweet, elegant, and uniquely romantic, with its swanky guitar licks, constant step rhythms and mid-bridge conversation. It is truly unmatched.

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