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It is that time of the year again, for our website! 2019 has been, so far, another extremely rich year for the music business, in terms of quality of new releases and live performances from music artists of different genres worldwide.

This year, Bluebird Reviews has slightly changed the voting formula for the two categories, Artist Of The Year and Live Act Of The Year, by selecting randomly 10 readers of our website based in different part of the world, asking them to select their favorite artist for each category.

Electronic musician and producer Katie Gately announces her second album, ‘Loom’, out February 14th on Houndstooth, and shares the lead single, Bracer.” 
Hear “Bracer”

Following remix work for Björk and Zola Jesus, productions for serpentwithfeet, and her debut album on Tri-Angle, Loom’ is a remarkable album, dedicated to Katie’s mother who passed away in 2018 due to a rare form of cancer. Gately channels her loss through a multitude of sounds and samples, including seismic rumbles and earthquake recordings alongside her signature adventurous sound design and unexpected earworm melodies, signifying how grief like this is like the shifting of the earth. 

Bluebird Reviews is delighted to announce Mike Zito's new record, which our website will review in the forthcoming weeks. 

Mike Zito & Friends will release the album “Rock N Roll: A Tribute To Chuck Berry” on Friday 1st November via Ruf Records. The album features an impressive array of 21 guest guitarists, among them Joe BonamassaWalter TroutEric GalesRobben FordSonny LandrethLuther DickinsonAlbert CastigliaAnders Osborne and, significantly, Chuck’s grandson, Charles Berry III.

Having wowed UK and mainland European audiences back in March when performing a series of solo shows in support of Tommy Emmanuel, Nashville-based guitarist and vocalist JD Simo will return in October in Europe for his own headlining tour….and this time he will be accompanied by his band, drummer Adam Abrashoff and bassist Andraleia Buch. 


Fresh from the Press! Solid Entertainment is pleased to announce that French 23 years-old singer-songwriter and guitarist Félix Rabin will be touring the United Kingdom in April 2019.

Last year Félix was "special guest" on the Wishbone Ash XLIX UK Tour and played to over 8,000 music fans at 28 venues across the country with his band. His adventure with Wishbone Ash exceeded his expectations and after receiving an amazing response from audiences, Félix can't wait to hit the road again in the UK!

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