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"Reduction. Stutter. Funk. Reducing the music to its bare essentials, deconstructing each facet, till it is but a dull and throbbing shell of its former self is how four piece Aabaraki describe their delicious neo-soul sound that not only pays homage to the founders of funk, but also modernizes the genre. In a trend heavy musical climate, Aabaraki opts for sophisticated minimalism, operating as a single unit in producing, writing, singing, and creating all of it’s music.Though the boys come from different but accomplished musical backgrounds, their collective sound comes naturally."

Bob Welch, solo artist and former band member of Fleetwood Mac died on June 7, 2012.

The New York Times and other papers around the globe announced the news of his passing and police report it is likely a suicide after complicated health problems. We remember Mr. Welch for adding a melodic sound to the already great blues band of Fleetwood Mac. Although his stay in the group was brief, 1971-1974, some say it was influential and a turning point for the band to explore more harmonious sounds.

He went on to start a band called Paris and then had a solo career with popular hits that will be remembered. Lindsey Buckingham and Christie MacVie sang backup vocals on this widely recognized track, "Sentimental Lady."

The queens of rock, blues and soul are beckoning our doors to

come out to

Mountain Park, Holyoke, MA

June 8th, 2012,

for a great double bill of amazing talent.

We will be there to take in the music on this legendary evening!

If you are heading to this performance,

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Site Update:

We were proud to attend the Joe Bonamassa performance at the musically historic

 Hampton Beach Casino in Hampton, NH.

This was the last stop of the Northeast tour until he takes his blues titan show overseas for several dates and will return again to the US this Fall.

Chris Joles from Joles Photography  provided professional images for our readers.



took on Pearl Street on May 18, 2012.

And they promise a new blues album.

They had visited this venue in 1992 after the historic release of Pocket Full of Kriptonite in 1991.

Pocket Full of Kriptonite is now being re-released as a 20th Anniversary Album.

What a night of up close and funky jamming fun. Who needs Superman when you've got

Chris Barron in your face??


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