Drums- Donovan Edelstein

Bass- Zach Colton

Keyboards- Jared Howell

Biography provided by Jared Howell:

"Gigantic Ant started as a vehicle to perform some of the "crazier" instrumental songs I had started writing a few years ago. I was in a jam band with the bassist (Zach Colton) for a while and we eventually started composing more complex material that didn't fit in the jam band's style. When I moved to Boston, I reunited with my brother (Donovan Edelstein) who had spent a lot of time playing drums for various hardcore/punk bands.

What happened afterwards was simple: We combined our "crazy" ideas for compositions with Donovan's unique style of drumming and got a really cool new sound. We originally called the band "Piano Bastard" and started playing gigs around Boston and NYC.

Eventually we met a guitarist named Balaji Mani who really liked the music. We recorded an eleven track LP with him before he left to attend medical school. We played a ton of shows, too, and performed under a name he came up with, Gigantic Ant.

After he left, we kept the name and began writing more intense songs. Most of what is on the LP is more relaxed than what we perform live. As a trio, I now use a lot of distortion on my keyboard, Zach has a ton of effects for his bass, and Donovan plays the drum-kit like he's trying to blow it up. The newer sound is best exemplified in the song "Careful With That Fax, Machine" off of our live EP. We also have a bunch of videos on YouTube of us performing the new material, songs like "Supergyro" and "The Court Jester's Taste Tester."

Our influences are varied, but include Frank Zappa, The Bad Plus, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Tortoise, and King Crimson.

So what does Gigantic Ant sound like?

Jazz fusion sound with rock chords, smooth bass and creative keyboarding, combined with impact drum-work, make this up and coming trio a great act to follow. It is amazing that so many layers of sound can come from just three musicians. Much like their name, Gigantic Ant will surprise you with contrasts of fun eclectic music that instantly expands the imagination.

Track by Track:  

"Careful With That Fax Machine"

This approaches jazz fusion with a metal mix. I can hear the King Crimson influence. The drumming subtly underlines the keyboards but is significant. Rhythms are woven in and out of the track with great starts and stops for impact. The rolling bass has a flow through the song and there are humorous hints of a circus theme mid-track.

"Orange You Glad"

This was my favorite song of the EP. Sweeping and calypso sultry, it is a mysterious mix of wango tango devious fun. Even the accidental voices in the background, as it is recorded live, add to the cabaret sound, bringing you into the scene of a cozy club in Juan-les-Pines, on the Cote D' Azur.

"Skull On A Podium"

Heavy on the drums and tight on the production, this song is all about timing. Gigantic Ant shows smart technical structure combined with restraint, which makes way for very light keyboard bridges that stand out.

"Thank you very much we are the Gigantic Ants"

The Ants have left the building ... come back, come back!!! 

"Careful With That Fax Machine"