We got news that Gerry Rafferty has passed away today. I have to admit, this is a favorite singer/songwriter whom I took for granted. Always there with his smooth familiar voice, always on the radio. Mr. Rafferty, we've loved you so much at Bluebirdreviews, that last year you were voted into our classic remake section. Our friends over at Dr. Mudd do a stunning cover of "Stuck in the Middle". It's been you, Gerry - "Right Down the Line."

If you get a chance, download "City to City" or better yet, stalk your local record store for the LP.

Entertainment Weekly did a fabulous piece honoring him and covering his history and popular songs. Check it out:




Robert Plant and the Band of Joy are Nominated for Grammy 2011

This was announced on Robert Plant's website http://www.robertplant.com/index.php/news/2011-grammy-nominations-band-of-joy/?spid=1  and posted by BBR member Michelle. Thanks, Michelle!


This was posted from our member, Michelle W. Rock radio of the UK stating that there may be a new Page album out.

"I hope so ... "


Who Is Your Favorite ?


Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominees 2011.


Ramseur Records Night in Nashville was telecast live on the web. Click on the link above and scroll down to see Langhorne's condensed set.

The band looked great against the Hard Rock Nashville logo. "We're Langhorne Slim and The Law." They played Rebel Side of Heaven, one of my fav's, his new song Take My Hand, and other Slim standards; Honey Pie, Colette and of course, Mary/Cut It Down. David Moore had a great keyboard solo in Restless. In the Midnight, "Somebody Say YEAH!" "Wake Up!" He absolutely pulls all of the energy from the crowd and sings his guts out, changing up the lyrics at times. We're listening, we're awake. We here watching up North had a game going on ... during which songs did he lose his hat ? Cheers along the with the webcast, hoedown in the living room. Rock ON Soulman !!




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