Black Country Communion's long awaited third album, Afterglow was released TODAY!

Rock and blues fans have anticipated the production all year. This third installment of the collaboration of Glenn Hughes, Joe Bonamassa, Jason Bonham and Derek Sherinian, has peaked the interest and intensity of this band across the globe. Black Country Communion was discovered and continues to be produced by Kevin "Caveman" Shirley. Roy Weisman is the executive producer. The band got its name from the Black Country region in England, where Hughes and Bonham have roots. Classic rockers are elated to have a contemporary band revive the quality of music that has shaped generations.

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Everyone at Bluebirdreviews is fired up about this album. Read the Afterglow review from Deb Hebert, who runs the blog, "The Week In Joe"  on all things Joe Bonamassa, here.

Our webmaster, Brian Shea, from Seven Sages Web Management, is a huge BCC fan, so he joined the fun and reviewed Afterglow as well. His review can be read here.

I have been listening right along and have my own commentary to add. This album has stirred quite a conversation, and for us, it is all about the music.  

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Glenn Hughes wrote or co-wrote the lyrics and most of the music on Afterglow. There is a liner note from Glenn that most of the songs were written on his 'Gibson Dove," and the first song written for Afterglow was "The Circle." Glenn noted that he started writing the music for this record after the Black Country Communion tour in 2011. Bluebirdreviews caught their live show in this series, you can read that article here.

Glenn Hughes:

"I had the privilege of living with the music for a couple of months, changing a few things along the way. We went into the studio in early June. By the fifth day, we had recorded ten music tracks, the eleventh track was a song we had recorded a year earlier called "Crawl" which sounded like it belonged on this record. I flew to Minneapolis the week after we had finished making the music. I wanted to write the lyrics in a different environment. ... In late July, I went to Kevin's studio, The Cave, in Malibu, and sang the songs in three afternoon sessions. It was an experience I shall never forget."

Black Country Communion, Afterglow, Song Credits:

Big Train- Music and Lyrics/Glenn Hughes

This is Your Time- Music/Jason Bonham, Joe Bonamassa, Derek Sherinian; Lyrics/John Bonham, Glenn Hughes

Midnight Sun- Music/Jason Bonham, Joe Bonamassa, Derek Sherinian; Lyrics/Glenn Hughes

Confessor- Music and Lyrics/Glenn Hughes

Cry Freedom- Music/Glenn Hughes, Jason Bonham, Joe Bonamassa, Derek Sherinian; Lyrics/Glenn Hughes

Afterglow- Music and Lyrics/Glenn Hughes

Dandelion- Music and Lyrics/Glenn Hughes

The Circle- Music and Lyrics/Glenn Hughes

Common Man- Music/Jason Bonham; Lyrics/Jason Bonham.Glenn Hughes

The Giver- Music/Glenn Hughes, Joe Bonamassa, Kevin Shirley; Lyrics/Glenn Hughes

Crawl- Music/Joe Bonamassa, Jason Bonham, Glenn Hughes, Kevin Shirley; Lyrics/Glenn Hughes

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