England's capital is very fortunate, in these days, to welcome some of the greatest muses of contemporary music. One of these aforementioned and very rare to find muses, New Jersey-born singer/songwriter Dana Fuchs, has chosen London as part of her 2018 Tour supporting her brand new album called Love Lives On, a record that sees the American artist delivering, undoubtedly, the best album of her career so far.

European fans are and have always been very supportive of this hugely talented singer and songwriter in many different ways, embracing her artistry and her humanity both with the same intensity and passion.

It comes as no surprise, therefore, that The Borderline in London, tonight, is a very packed house, with lots of fans awaiting impatiently to see the return of Dana Fuchs on a London stage, after an absence of few years, now. An absence, though, amply explained by many events happening in the artist's personal life in the last couple of years (the birth of her son Aidan and the loss of Fuchs mother), the very same events that impacted hugely the songwriting of many of the tunes included on Fuchs' new splendid record.

Elegant, imperious, sweet and aggressive at the same time, Dana Fuchs enters the stage like a bouncing tiger, welcomed by a huge roar of the numerous fans present here tonight, opening the show with a song of great impact, Ready To Rise, from her new album. 

The Dana Fuchs Band accompanying the artist tonight, provides a thunderous wall of sound for the whole of the show, thanks to some of the best live musicians one can possibly find on the contemporary live music scene. Together with Fuchs' long-time partner in crime Jon Diamond on guitars, some of the musicians on stage have been playing with Dana Fuchs for many years, like the hugely impressive Walter Latupeirissa on bass guitar and the very talented Piero Perelli on drums. Others, like the amazing Nicola Venturini on keyboards and the fabulously sounding Horn Section, made by Aaron Liddard on saxophone and Giles Straw on trumpet, may have not been playing with Fuchs for as long as Perelli and Latupeirissa, nevertheless, the musical chemistry among the whole of the band is utterly superb.




To watch and to listen Dana Fuchs performing live is one of life's rare pleasures, from a music fan's perspective. The New York-based artist has got it all; charisma, stage persona and a voice that can, at times, smack you in the face through its power or caress you like the sound of the sea at night.
Together with some of Fuchs' classic songs, part of her live repertoire, like the firing Bliss Avenue or the enchanting semi-acoustic Tell Me I'm Not Drinking, the songs of Fuchs' new album are the one that take center stage tonight and shine in all their splendor, in this magnificent night of music, deep in the heart of London.

Every song of the new album played by the American artist tonight reflects different aspects of her artistry and eclectic personality; the swagger showed through a tune like Backstreet Baby, the disarming charme displayed through a song like Same Sunlight and the heartbreaking honesty emerging through the spoken introduction and the interpretation of songs like Faithful Sinner and Johnny Cash's cover Ring Of Fire that closes the show, they are just some of the elements that define a masterful artist like Dana Fuchs, somebody that means every word she sings, a true example of pure soul poetry.

Before parting company from a very enthusiastic crowd, a very overwhelmed Dana Fuchs says "I've got to come back here a little bit more often", just to show how much the singer/songwriter enjoyed tonight's show, surrounded by the love and support of old devoted fans and new ones too.
On the way out of the venue, Bluebird Reviews can hear a lady saying to one of her friends, referring to Fuchs' performance "She was mesmerizing, wasn't she?". A brief but acute statement that sums up pretty much the level of artistic intensity and class witnessed tonight at The Borderline. As the Romans used to say, "Veni, Vidi, Vinci". Dana Fuchs came to conquer London and she certainly did so in triumphant fashion.