The Cure

Madison Square Garden
June 20, 2008

The Cure/Set list

Underneath the stars
Prayers for rain
A night like this
The end of the world
To wish impossible things
Pictures of you
Fascination street
From the edge of the deep green sea
The perfect boy
Hot hot hot!!!
The only one
Wrong number
The walk
Sleep when I'm dead
Friday I'm in love
Inbetween days
Just like heaven
Shake dog shake
Charlotte sometimes
One hundred years
Baby rag dog book

Encore 1
If only tonight we could sleep
The kiss

Encore 2
Close to me
Why can't I be you?

Encore 3
Boys don't cry
Jumping someone else's train
Grinding halt
10:15 on a saturday night
Killing an Arab


This show was so long and detailed, that it forced me to keep my review short. Smith's voice was clear and strong, and the staging, lighting and special effects were poignant, moving the crowd with each set. The energy at the Garden was kicked off with an unknown garage band from the UK that relied on disortion and soundscapes to screetch our wait time until the Cure dawned the stage. In the end, though, they were quite enjoyable. The crowd was a mix of surprisingly preppie dressed youth with middle aged rock fans and traditional goth revelers. Yet there was comon ground and by the end of the show, all were on their feet singing in unison and doing what we called the interpretive ameoba dance. The Cure left no song unturned, they dug deep and came up for air with new tunes as well. Job well done, Smith, when is the next show ?