Steven Tyler and Joe Perry of Aerosmith. Photo by FRD.

On April 15th, 2013, a beautiful sunny day finally broke the long winter of New England. The Boston Marathon was underway. With courage, persistence and lightning speed from all runners, fans and family watched in excitement along the crowded streets to cheer on inspired athletes from all over the world. Part of the event this year was dedicated to the children, teachers and staff, who perished in the Sandy Hook, Newtown, CT school shooting. Families from Connecticut traveled to Boston, to show their strength during grief, and honor their loved ones with every mile. Other runners were there for the challenge of a life long dream to complete this historic race, some of them making the trip of a lifetime. Community, support, family fun and inspiration, are forever ingrained in any marathon. People come together for a purpose. On April 15th, 2013, the people of Boston were strong for their marathon. And, in the blink of an eye, as the runners were completing the race, the sun did not fade, but bombs broke out near the finish line.

"They think they can keep us down? They can ... dream on..." Steven Tyler, Boston Strong.

The following is a list of the victims of the Boston Marathon Bombings, the deceased and the injured. Our hearts go out to these families. Please read their names and stories. They are the true rock star heroes and will never be forgotten.

 The Boston Marathon Victims List.


Stories of The Boston Bombing Victims.

We honor the citizens, police force, investigators, medical teams, fire fighters and other helpers, who rushed to assist during this terrible tragedy. Their dedication to save lives, heal injuries, and bring justice, deserves the spotlight on center stage.

The Boston Strong Concert Review:

Photography by FRD.

On Thursday, May 30, 2013, managers from several Boston homage bands, politicians and venue administrators, organized a concert at the TD Garden, to pay tribute to the people of Boston, the victims, families, and first responders, to continue the statement, BOSTON STRONG through music. Concert tickets sold out in minutes, as fans and promoters scrambled to get a glimpse of Bean Town's famous music makers. Don Law of Live Nation was the promoter.

Boston Magazine reported that the TD Garden gave up all profits for this event and allowed the venue to be used for free, so all proceeds would go to the ONE FUND, which was created by Mayor Tom Menino and Governor Deval Patrick in the days following the attack. To date, the fund, which will distribute money to victims hurt in the April 15 attack, has raised more than $27 million ... Ticket sales will be digital only, according to officials, so that no one can profit from paper ticket sales on third-party sites.

The band line-up for this show included bands who either had their origins in Boston or spent a lot of time there. Boston, New Kids on The Block, Aerosmith, Jason Aldean, James Taylor, Carole King, and many others were in attendance. Families, survivors and first responders, were seated in the front rows. Mix 104.1 posted a final list of the bands the day of the show.


Photo Posted on Mix 104.1, Boston Radio Station.

The band that found its name after the city, "Boston," opened the show with the "Star Spangled Banner." Young fans may not know how famous this band was back in the days of pre-MTV, but the crowd rose to Tom Scholz's scorching guitar soaked version of the anthem to kick off the night. Scholz started Boston during his time at MIT, after joining "Freehold," where he met guitarist, Barry Goudreau and drummer, Jim Masdeawhile.

Media correspondant, Front Row Dave, was at the show to provide photography for this article. He stated that, "Boston absolutely blew the roof off the place when the lyrics to "Rock And Roll Band," were belted out ..."we're just another band out of Boston ..." the people of Boston went NUUUUUTZ!"

Extreme reunited just for this event, with "Hole Hearted" and the radio ballad, "More Than Words". The J. Geils Band (From Worcester/Boston) despite their share of legal and name issues since last year, pulled together a "House Party" with their 6 track set, including fan rants like, "Love Stinks" and the crazy dance wave, "Freeze Frame".

It is widely known that, Sean Collier, the officer who lost his life while in pursuit of the terrorists, was a big fan of Jason Aldean. Aldean wrote a "Dirt Road Anthem" rap about watching out "for the boys in blue" (which) drew hoots of recognition from the cluster of MIT police officers in attendance.

Historic times call for surprise moments, Boston famous - Irish punk band, The Dropkick Murphys, teamed up with Boston - native pop stars, New Kids On The Block, for the big chant-able song, "Shipping Off To Boston, " which had the crowd deliriously confused and subsequently delighted.

It is widely documented that NKOTB's Donnie Wahlberg, a native of Boston, who was very moved by the tragedy, was the one who inspired this event. NKOTB manager Jared Paul, started the process of planning the charity concert and other bands quickly wanted to join. Donnie gave an emotional interview for local Boston radio station, Mix 104.1, about the event.

Joey McIntyre was wearing a Boston Marathon medal during the concert, as he had actually run the race and finished just moments before the explosions went off. Holding back tears during the show, he sang fan favorites in tribute, and the NKOTB entourage was the same  boy band from 25 years ago.

Old school jams kept on, with the guest appearance of New Edition's Bel Biv Devoe for the pop hit, "Poison." This song brought big moves, coordinated in decorated Bruins jerseys, leather Bruins caps, and a whole lotta bling.

Close to our singer-songwriter hearts, was James Taylor and Carole King performing together. Taylor's 1971 hit, "You've Got A Friend" was perfect for the night. jamestaylorcarolekingfrdJames Taylor and Carole King have been active on the tour circuit, since their 2010 release of "Live At The Troubadour".


Some songs from tonight's set were joined by Mac McAnally, who was on site with Jimmy Buffet. They transitioned to the Buffet set with Taylor and Buffet singing, "Mexico". Going back to the party atmosphere, Mr. Jimmy Buffet rallied the Boston Parrotheads in the crowd with "Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes" "A Pirate Looks At Forty," as well as the famous, "Margaritaville".


This was the perfect warm-up for Aerosmith's rockin night of iconic numbers, which brought together not only a city, but a world of great passion for the straight shots of classic rock.


Dane Cook gave a bold announcement, reminding everyone that the best selling US rock band EVER is from Boston. Steven Tyler came out with the band, carrying his always decorated and very tall mic stand. Adorned with sunglasses and classic scarves, flowing hair and massive presence, it was great to see him on stage and not behind a judge's table on television. This is where Tyler belongs and the Boston fans knew it. Striking a rock star pose and keeping it there, he is so comfortable on stage, as he has almost choreographed moves burned into his nervous system. He announced the bass player, Tom Hamilton, who laid out some deep rock grooves, while guitarist, Joe Perry, churned out gritty glam blues rock for this eager crowd. They were fierce, as was the crowd in singing along.

Tyler gave an endearing shout out to Carole King, stating that the first time he made out was to the song, "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow." He said his heart was then broken. Tyler showed true sadness when he talked about the Boston Marathon bombings. His face was stunning. He said, "Boston got its heart broken a couple of months ago ..." Then he simply said, "Somethin real bad ..." His face froze for a brief moment, which was unusual for a man still on top of the rock world.


He quietly walked over to the huge white piano on the stage and said, "but if they think it's gonna keep us down, if they think it's gonna keep us down, how heavy does your heart feel after a show like tonight?  then they can keep us down ... they can ... dream on ... " What struck me about how he said this, was how bold he was in shouting out to the people of Boston, but then how humble he became, when he almost mumbled the title of the song that changed his career back in the 1970's. It was evident in that moment, Steven Tyler was not here to promote his music, he was here for the people.



The night wrapped up with a finale of all bands in the line-up singing The Beatles' in venerable, "Come Together" and then the Boston anthem, "Dirty Water", by The Standells'. The event was a triumph, emotionally and musically. We hope it raised the funds intended to help the families in need. 

The Boston Strong ONE FUND benefit concert was held to support the people who suffered through the Boston Marathon bombings. The show delivered good will, from passionate and dedicated Boston area artists, who have traveled the world with their music, but returned to their roots to help their fellow citizens. If music can gather people for a purpose, let this power be in the best interest of humanity.  

"Love  Crushes Hate. Every Single Time"  ~ Joey McIntyre, NKOTB

Fans can still donate to this cause, please visit the: