July 21, 2012

Many thanks to GET THE LED OUT and Front Row Dave for making this review possible!

Mountain Park, Holyoke, MA.  


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Mountain Park hosted a fundraiser called, SUMMER STATE OF MIND, on July 21, 2012, which will forever remain in my mind. It featured four tribute bands, The Rum Runners, Changes in Latitude, The Machine and Get The Led Out. These talented artists came together to offer the spotlight not on themselves, but on all people and their families getting treatment for cancer. The benefit supported the Jimmy Fund, Dana Farber Institute, and Allie's Five O'Clock Fund. It is these programs and the people they serve who were the rock stars that night. I knew the music would be great and the crowd would be generous.

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What I didn't expect, however, was to witness the impact of these programs on the children who are fighting cancer. Day after day, often for years, these kids are being challenged to endure evaluations, treatments and long hospital stays. The warm summer evening and fun party crowd was perfect to lift the spirits of cancer survivors and their families, while hopefully, adding some funds to the agencies whose mission we may not pay attention to, unless someone in our circle needs them.

The Rum Runners opened the show and I was not able to catch their set.

Here is their website for more information. http://rumrunnersband.com/

Changes in Latitude is a Jimmy Buffet tribute band that offered the perfect balance of wit and fun for the mixed age crowd.

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With a long line-up of talented musicians, including multiple percussionists, sax and brass, these energetic artists meant business in delivering the sound, that kept the crowd swaying.

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Playing favorites like "Margarita-ville" "Cheeseburger in Paradise" and "Changes in Latitude," they nailed that Buffet sound.

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During 'It's Five O'Clock Somewhere,' the kids and families from Allie's Five O'clock Fund came onto the stage and joined the band. They were hoping that perhaps they had arrived on stage at around 5 pm, which I believe they did. To see the brave children who had battled cancer for years, just up there having fun and playing with the band instruments, made me wish there were thousands more at this event.

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 When in your life, has music solved a problem, mended a broken heart or lifted a dark spirit? There are many times we can think of, for sure.

There is a sign on the Iron Horse wall that reads, "Music Alone Shall Live."

Through the benefits gained on this afternoon, music, perhaps, shall save.


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Jimmy Fund

Dana Farber Institute

Allie's Five O'Clock Fund


To see photos of this entire event click here.

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We did not catch the Rum Runners, but please visit their website.




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