At The Palace Theatre,


Dream Theater knocked my socks off! There is no better way to say it. They were better than I ever imagined. I first heard them around 1992 with their now classic song, "Pull Me Under." I have considered myself a 'mild' fan over the years. Well, they just released their 11th studio album, "A Dramatic Turn of Events." (Roadrunner Records). It's a great album. To see them live was just, Wow! They played for 2 hours. I wish I would have payed more attention to these great architects of music.

Dream Theatre's current members:

James LaBrie (Vocals)

John Petrucci (Guitar)

John Myung (Bass, Chapman Stick)

Jordan Rudess (Keys, Continuum, Harpejji, iOS devices)

Mike Mangini (Drums and Percussion)

Their music is similar to a heavy version of early Yes or Kansas. I have never seen a band play such intricate music so well together. They had 3 big screens behind the band, which I hardly noticed, because I was in such awe of their musicianship. It was very cool to see a heavy band use a keyboard as a main instrument and not in the background. This was a great show. I highly recommend it to any music fan!

And I want to give a shout out to the Palace Theatre in Albany. What a great place to see a show! Get up off the couch and experience live music! It will move your soul!
















For more information about Dream Theater and their new album, visit their band page at :

Set List:

Dream Is Collapsing

Bridges in the Sky

These Walls

Build Me Up, Break Me Down

Endless Sacrifice

Drum Solo

The Ytse Jam

Wait for Sleep

Far from Heaven


On the Backs of Angels

Caught In A Web

Through My Words

Fatal Tragedy

Breaking All Illusions

Pull Me Under