Whitey's Metal Rock Review:

I got to go see my favorite band with my son in a great club show the same night The Big 4 was at Yankee Stadium. Sevendust is a band from Atlanta, GA that come out in the late 90s. They have 8 studio albums and a loyal fan base. It is a privilege to be part of a Sevendust show. I've seen them about a dozen times and this would be the 4th time for this album.

They are a hard driving band with a melodic vocal side. Sevendust rocked Starland. This was the 2nd time I saw them there. They played a heavy set which opens with splinter off their latest album. As soon as they started, the crowd started to bang and the usual pit opened up in the middle. Of course that is for fans a little younger than me! The played for an hour and a half.

Songs like Black, Suffocate, Alpha, and Strong Arm Broken were played. They ended with Face To Face. They are a great band and I strongly recommend them to any one who loves metal. They blow me away every time. Sevendust has arrived! 

Check them out.