Photo courtesy of Ben Poole's FB page

It has been a while, now, for our website, since we had the opportunity to watch performing one of British hottest Blues/Rock gunslingers around, Ben Poole.

Poole, who has been constantly on Tour around the world before and after Covid19 on the back of the success of his last studio album released back in 2018 and called Anytime You Need Me, has received numerous accolades from both his fellow colleagues in the music business and the fans worldwide, fast-growing his reputation as one of the most talented contemporary Blues/Rock guitarists coming from the United Kingdom.

With a new live album released earlier this year and called Live In Montreux, the third consecutive one released by the British guitarist and singer/songwriter on the back of 2019's Trio Live album and 2021's Acoustic Duo one, Poole arrives on stage at 20.05, welcomed by a warm roar from the crowd arrived here in the town of Newbury to watch the British artist performing in all his glory.

Immaculately dress in a black leather jacket and skinny jeans and supported by Steve Amadeo on bass guitar and Ollie Dixon on drums, Poole's start of the show is pretty powerful, with a strong, rocking performance of Take It No More, which the artist is forced to stop halfway in the song, due to issues related to Amadeo's bass sound. But the British artist is totally unfazed by the unexpected problem encountered by his bass player and while the problem gets sorted, he manages to entertain the crowd rather amiably, showing his happiness on having returned to play in England after a long and tiring, although very gratifying, World Tour, where Poole really enjoyed himself.


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Once the problem with the bass guitar sound is resolved, Poole resumes the song with even more impetus and infuses even more dynamite in his overall performance in tonight's setlist, by following up the opening track of the night with a heavy-weight trio of tunes, Win You Over, Start The Car and Don Henley's cover of Dirty Laundry, all drenched with high-octane guitar solos that fire up even more the many fans (it was a sold-out show) present here tonight at the Arlington Arts Centre.

Poole's Rhythm Section does an impeccable job, tonight, where particularly Ollie Dixon on drums offers some moments of pure dynamism on drums, supporting wonderfully also Poole on backing vocals on more than one occasion.

The British guitarist and singer/songwriter, throughout the 90-plus minutes of tonight's live performance, showcases in full why many countries worldwide have embraced Poole and his music so intensely, especially in recent years. His guitar playing skills, especially, shine in full glory, particularly on some of the songs played tonight, such as the Funked up Further On Down The Line and the explosive Anytime You Need Me, which closes the show in superb fashion.

Although there were no Encores, by the end of the show, the many smiles and enthusiastic nods spotted in the crowd by our website just go to show that Poole's many fans were more than satisfied for the performance they just witnessed. It might have been a while since Ben Poole came to Newbury to bring his live show, but one thing is for sure; Poole conquered Newbury for one night only once again, a night of adrenalinic Blues/Rock that many fans will likely remember for quite some time.