Since the dawn of time, performing live on stage is synonym, for a music artist, of passion, immediacy, intensity, the desire of showcasing not only their own talent but also to create an emotional bond between the artist and their fans.

Many try to do so night after night, but only a close number of them manage to create that magical spark, that invisible, soulful bridge that connect thousands of souls with the artist playing on stage.

In that respect, the American singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Judith Hill knows very well how to display her enormous talent and artistic ability on many levels and to build a true bond between herself and a crowd everywhere she plays, just like Hill did last night at the splendid, intimate venue that is The Jazz Cafe' in London UK.

It's no secret that an album like Baby, I'm Hollywood!, after a couple of years since its release, still resonates so strongly with the many thousands of Hill's fans around the world, thanks to the outstanding body of work produced by the 38-years-old American artist and well-deserved winner of the Bluebird Reviews Award as Artist Of The Year in 2021, with an album that can be considered the pinnacle of Hill's career to date.

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London has always been very close to the heart of Judith Hill and tonight's attendance at this special concert confirms once again the strong love between the singer/songwriter and her many English fans.

Dressed in an immaculate and very elegant red dress, Judith Hill enters the stage at The Jazz Cafe' welcomed by a huge roar of the crowd, followed right behind by the fabulous musicians that have been following Hill on Tour for a very long time, like Hill's powerhouse drummer John Staten and especially the artist's parents, respectively Robert "Pewee" Hill on bass guitar and her mother Michiko on keyboards.  

If you have never been to a Judith Hill's concert, you will find yourself swept away by her presence on stage pretty much as soon as Hill starts playing or singing; a strong, confident singer and hugely talented guitar and piano player, with a voice that carry shivers on your spine every time, no matter whether Hill is singing a delicate ballad or a powerful Funky or R&B number.

As one would expect, tonight's performance it's heavily concentrated on songs part of the Baby, I'm Hollywood! album and quite rightly so, although the American artist gifts the crowd too with some unexpected gems from her previous albums, like As Trains Go By or The Pepper Club. 

The whole show is a breath-taking rollercoaster of sheer musical ability at every possible level for Judith Hill. There are fabulous bursts of Soul, Blues, Funk, R&B and even flashes of 70's Psychedelia, executed, sang and played with effortless class by this formidable singer/songwriter and her band. From songs like the thunderous Fire, Burn It All and Americana right to some wonderful, exquisitely delivered ballads like Give Your Love To Someone Else, among others, it is clear to everyone present at The Jazz Cafe' in London that tonight, we are in the presence of an authentic musical force of nature.

By the time that the show reaches its conclusion with a rather soulful version of Angel In The Dark, from Hill's 2015 album Back In Time, tonight's crowd is completely mesmerized by Judith Hill's performance and somehow, the artist's 90 minutes performance feels not long enough, for the amount of energy and the strong emotional connection with tonight's crowd generated by the singer/songwriter.

Judith Hill is, undoubtedly, one of the very few complete musical packages existing in the world of contemporary music. Do not miss any of her shows, should Hill happen to perform in the city or town where you live, because you would otherwise lose the opportunity to witness the show of one of the best performers of the last decade.





Judith Hill's setlist at The Jazz Cafe':



God Bless The Mechanic

Baby, I'm Hollywood

Burn It All

Give Your Love To Someone Else


Step Out


As Trains Go By

The Pepper Club

You Got The Right Thang

Angel In The Dark