For several years, now, Bluebird Reviews has been following carefully the fulgid career of the American singer/songwriter Eliza Neals with increasing interest, attention and admiration for the many remarkable bodies of work released by the Detroit-based Soul, Blues and Funk Powerhouse throughout her career to date.

Armed with many artistic talents, Eliza Neals has convincingly impressed the worldwide music press, record after record, thanks to a cocktail of inspired lyricism, catchy melodies, impressive piano and keyboard playing skills and, above all, a very distinctive singing voice able to distill powerful emotions both in studio and while performing live too.

Since always a highly prolific songwriter, Eliza Neals felt that 2024 was the right time to unleash a record that would summarise the American artist's overall relation with life, love and the many obstacles that we all face and try to overcome, day in, day out, in our lives.

The singer/songwriter's brand new record is called Colorcrimes and it is fair to say that it's a record that displays Eliza Neals' numerous artistic talents in their shiniest and at a breathtaking level, whilst delivering soothing messages of hope through the 9, hugely well-crafted songs included in Colorcrimes.

From the impressive, romping semi-acoustic album opener called Heal This Land, going through the highly elegant and powerful ballad Colorcrimes or the muscular, Bluesy sounding Candy Store, then breaking into the album's finish line with the Soul and Blues/Rock drenched song called Friday Night (All Day Long), Eliza Neals enchants the listener on every step of Colorcrimes with such passion, musicianship and authenticity, distilling in each of the album's songs every inch of her artistry through an irresistible blend of Blues, Funk, Rock, R&B and Fusion.

Neals surrounded herself, on this record and as often happens, with highly skilled studio musicians, among whom particularly emerges the class and the musicianship of one of Neals' long time collaborator, producer, guitarist and songwriter Michael Puwal, who plays a significant role in perfecting musically, through his artistry on guitar, songs like Banned In Jackson, Found Me Another and Heal This Land, just to mention a few.

Through the release of Colorcrimes, Eliza Neals has confirmed once again to be one of the strongest and most inspired Blues, Soul and Funk female artists around, in one of the most exciting albums that our website had the privilege to hear in 2024 so far. Exciting, emotionally intense and powerful; Colorcrimes is a true mirror of Eliza Neals' woman and artist like you never heard before.



Colorcrimes is our now and it is available to be purchased via Eliza Neals' Official Bandcamp Page.