In a society like the one where we are living in, where often music gets created and consumed too much in a hurry and disposed with equal velocity, it is incredibly heartwarming to still be able to find someone able to connect with music at 360 degrees, through building her own instrument herself and later becoming one body and one soul with it, where no one is able to spot where one ends and the other begins.

This is the case of the Denmark-based harpist and singer/songwriter Aurelia, who has just released her debut album called Rays Of Light, a record of extraordinary beauty and great mysticism, an album where the young artist was able to release her love for people, nature and life in general in such effortless style, revealing enormous talent in all aspect of Aurelia's artistry.

The making of Rays Of Light goes back a few years ago, where the singer/songwriter, during her travelling around the world, was looking for something that could allow Aurelia herself to have a musical companion able to translate the emotions and the memories that the artist was gathering during her journeys.

Despite being trained as a classical artist, it did not take long for Aurelia to fall in love with the sound of the harp, so much so that she managed to convince one of Europe's most talented harp builders to stay and learn the craft in his workshop, where Aurelia built her very first harp.

Once that the singer/songwriter was finally able to find her inner voice through the remarkable bond built with her harp, it did not take long for Aurelia to start writing songs and compose some very inspired instrumental pieces, the result of which can be found in such an amazing record like Rays Of Light truly is.

The 12 tracks part of this rather breathtaking debut album are divided between 8 songs and 4 instrumental, where Aurelia's musicianship blossoms at its best on many levels.

Naturally, given the immense love that Aurelia holds for the harp as an instrument, it is a legit expectation to hear, on the album, the harp played at an excellent level, an expectation that the artist fully fulfils with effortless talent. But what stuns even more, it is the incredible vocal range showcases by Aurelia through all of the albums' songs, particularly, in our opinion, on tunes such as Kleine Schwester, Avatar and the album's title-track, among others.

Rays Of Light is not only a record that reveals an artist whose sensitivity, inspiration and class will surely bring Aurelia to some of the biggest stages worldwide in years to come, but it is also an album where many of us can find ourselves in, immersed in the tender escapism brought by Aurelia's vocals and lyrics, in her own personal world, where hope and respect for people and nature are still a possibility.



Rays Of Light is out now and it can be purchased via Aurelia's Ko-Fi Official Page