2022 has been a highly successful year for the British/German singer/songwriter Roxanne De Bastion. The unanimous praises received from the English and European music press and from old and new fans for her latest studio album You & Me, We Are The Same, has brought this young and highly talented artist to the attention to wider and wider audiences, thanks also to an extensive amount of Tour dates, where De Bastion was also the Support Act for very big names of the music industry, like the Synth/Pop Master Howard Jones, among others.

De Bastion's aforementioned latest studio album has been and still is one of the highest points to date in the musical career of the London-based troubadour artist and the way that the crowds have increasingly embraced the sometimes minimalistic but highly effective sonic approach, inspired songwriting and vocal intensity of De Bastion, since her 2017 debut album called Heirlooms & Hearsay up until now, it is hugely impressive.

It is therefore amply justifiable that Roxanne De Bastion wanted to frame an important time of her rising career by recording a homecoming live album that would seal a year like 2022 that has seen the singer/songwriter fame expanding exponentially across the country and also in many parts of Europe.

The city of London, thankfully, offers many excellent alternatives to music artists for venues that would suit their style and the type of show that they have in mind and, in Roxanne De Bastion's case, there could have been no better venue that St. Pancras Old Church, a place of cult that dates right back to Roman times, to better create an intimate and heartwarming atmosphere where to record her very first live album.

Live At St. Pancras Old Church was recorded on 3rd November 2022 and, truthfully, it displays in full the amazing and genuine talent of an artist that let her heart and soul speak on her behalf, through a series of delicate but hugely inspired sonic vignettes of everyday's life, about love, loss, pain and hopes.

The album's set-list is, obviously, vastly concentrating on De Bastion's latest studio album You & Me, We Are The Same, a record that showed some truly lyrical gems, like The Weight, Heavy Lifting and London, I Miss You, among many more.

Whilst during the 2022 Tour Roxanne De Bastion was mostly touring alone, accompanied solely by her guitar and a keyboard, on this special night at St. Pancras Old Church in London, the artist was supported on stage by the celloist Meg Ella and Jessica Roch on violin, plus an extra Special Guest on electric guitar and backing vocals, Zoe Konez, joining De Bastion's on stage towards the end of the show on the uplifting closing songs of the night, like Erase, Molecules and the closing Red & White Blood Cells, the latter including an awesome crowd participation in the role of improvised backing vocals.

Throughout the show, De Bastion's performance is impeccable. Through some remarkable vocal deliveries, the Berlin-born artist builds an impressive relationship with the crowd as the set-list goes by. Her storytelling on stage is so convincing and the crowd's empathy with the De Bastion's songs so sincere and palpable that one may almost perceive an impenetrable and rock solid connection between the singer/songwriter and the audience.

Right now, there is a star that is soaring very high in the firmament of the musical skies and that star is called Roxanne De Bastion.







Live At St. Pancras Old Church is out now and it is available via Roxanne De Bastion's Official Bandcamp page.