One of the most intriguing and highly fascinating sonic mash-up in American music history of the last half century, it is what is called by many as American Desert Music, where Folk, Desert Music of Arabic roots, Bluegrass and Blues merge together in a perhaps unorthodox (to music's purists) but undoubtedly effective style.

American Desert Music, through its shape, allows music artists to build personalized sound structures of different nature using as their basis instruments like banjo or mandolin, sounds that also help said artist to shape their songwriting and their vocal deliveries at the same time in a very unique and yet very evocative way.

An indisputable torchbearer of American Desert Music is the 74-years-old Utah-born living legend that is Hal Cannon, an inspired artist that, among the many musical projects in which he has been and still involved too, is better known with his body of work produced with 3Hattrio, a collective that includes, together with Cannon himself, also his fellow artists and friends Greg Istock and Eli Wrankle.

After almost 11 years from his solo debut, Cannon has finally decided in October 2022 to release his second album called Nothin' Lastin', a record of remarkable beauty, both from a musical aspect and from a songwriting one as well.

Nothin' Lastin' incorporates 13 musical jewels of rare, very rare emotional, lyrical and vocal depth, through a series of songs that delve very deeply not only into the soul of this extraordinary artist and his personal memories but also into love, family values, human rights, environmental issues and so much more.

For each of the songs included into Nothin' Lastin', Cannon seems to include, every time, in a line of his songs' lyrics, a sort of short personal pray, something that the Artist Himself calls "A petition of hope", almost as a way to seal each song with a note of positivity towards the topics touched by the artist in each song of the album.

Who follows our website or has followed Bluebird Reviews for a while, now, knows that we don't delve too much in highlighting one or more songs, off any record, because, frankly, Nothin' Lastin' is pretty much a perfect record; a mouthwatering, deep, spiritual journey into music and all those values that define and have defined, since ever, American History.

Given the outstanding quality of a record like Nothin' Lastin', our website sincerely hopes that it won't take more than a decade, for the American artist, to release another solo record. Although it is going to be a very challenging task, for Hal Cannon, to surpass an album of a lifetime of such artistic magniloquence like Nothin' Lastin'.





Nothin' Lastin' is out now and it is available to be purchased via Amazon