The last three years in the Finnish singer/songwriter Ina Forsman's life must have been a real formative experience, both from a professional and personal perspective.

The long isolation period that millions of people have been through, including the artist, during the pandemic that has heavily shaken the whole world, the move to Berlin in Germany and the change of record label (Jazzhaus Records) must have certainly made an impact on the growth of Ina Forsman and her way to write music.

If it is true what many say about an artist being able to find his/her own voice even more during challenging times like the aforementioned ones, well, in that case, Ina Forsman has very much found hers, through her rather splendid new album called All There Is.

Whilst the Finnish artist 2016's extraordinary debut displayed phenomenal skills, both as a singer and as a songwriter, skills subsequently confirmed by the follow-up album Been Meaning To Tell You in 2018, Forsman's new album explore, in its songwriting, the singer/songwriter's personal take about love, struggles and relationships.

What also stands out, throughout All There Is, together with Forsman's sublime vocal abilities, it is the fact that the singer/songwriter has arranged all songs part of the album completely on her own, choosing to create a musical melting pot of Soul, Jazz and R&B that would fit her very recognizable voice and singing style in a very organic way.

Forsman interprets her songs with the same intensity, class and elegance like a film star on a movie set would do, measuring carefully the right vocal balance to be used on each of the songs part of All There Is with an impressive, effortless capacity. An aspect that transpires, in our view, especially in songs like Don't Lose Today, One Night In Berlin, the album title-track All There Is and Poor Heart, among others.

In a music business that is sometimes merciless with artists, it is rather incomprehensible why someone of the caliber and incredible quality like Ina Forsman doesn't sit in the same category, especially when it comes to music charts, together with fellow artists like Adele o Lana Del Rey, given the amount of enormous artistry expressed by Forsman on her brand new record. But this will remain, sadly, one of the many unsolved mysteries of this business.

Most certainly, though and on a plus side, to those that might not yet very aware of the impressive amount of talent that Ina Forsman carries within, our website would strongly recommend to our readers to buy a very strong record like All There Is. You will be gifting yourself with a record that transports vocal power and purity and will take you into the world of one of the most inspired and talented contemporary Soul Ladies around.  The wonderful world of Ina Forsman, here,  at her very best.





All There Is is out now and it is available to be purchased via Amazon