Walter Trout, 2017 winner
Walter Trout, 2017 winner

It is that time of the year again, for our website! 2019 has been, so far, another extremely rich year for the music business, in terms of quality of new releases and live performances from music artists of different genres worldwide.

This year, Bluebird Reviews has slightly changed the voting formula for the two categories, Artist Of The Year and Live Act Of The Year, by selecting randomly 10 readers of our website based in different part of the world, asking them to select their favorite artist for each category.

For 2019, the shortlists for the two categories are the following:


Artist Of The Year:

- Flying Colors

- Albert Castiglia

- Eric Gales



Best Live Act:

- Tears For Fears

- Joanne Shaw Taylor

- Roberto Cacciapaglia.



The Career Award for 2019 has been assigned to one of the greatest piano and keyboard player of this century, Mike Garson, for his outstanding contribution to the world of music and the careers of many renowned worldwide artists, among many, the great David Bowie.


The winners of the two remaining categories will be announced by the end of November 2019.


Our website wishes to thank all the music artists who have so heavily contributed to another, highly successful year for music through their talent.