It has been another fantastic year of great music and for Bluebird Reviews, to award those that have contributed to make this year of music a bit more special through their artistry, it is a great privilege and honor.

Once again, our website has gathered an International Music Panel made of experts from National Radio Networks, Music Promoters, Music Journalists, Music Festival Promoters and Organizers, Music Editors and Live Music Producers from 5 different countries, to decide who was going to be awarded, with this year's awards.

Without any further ado, we are pleased to announce that this year's winners of the Bluebird Reviews Awards, for each category, are:


Lifetime Music Award :



                                                          FOCUS (NL)



Best Live Act:


A - Sari Schorr (USA)

B - Big Boy Bloater (Uk)

C - Supersonic Blues Machine (USA)

D - The Americans (USA)

E - Bud Spencer Blues Explosion (ITA).



Joined Winners:



                                                     Bud Spencer Blues Explosion (ITA)


supersonic blues machine

                                                        Supersonic Blues Machine (USA)




Artist Of The Year:




A - King King (Uk)

B - Mike Zito (USA)

C - Joe Bonamassa (USA)

D - Dana Fuchs (USA)

E - Popa Chubby (USA)


The Winner:



                                                                     Mike Zito (USA)



Many congratulations to all the winners and all the artists that, through their phenomenal body of work, have heavily contributed to make 2018 another year in music to remember.