It's always refreshing to hear that band's reunions is not, all the time, about money and trying to cash in as much as possible but sometimes, as in the case of Dan Reed Network, purely for the love of music. When Dan Reed Network, one of the most eclectic rock bands of the 80's decided to call it a day, back in the early 90's, nobody would have expected to see them making such a successful comeback as they have done with their 2016 brand new album, Fight Another Day, just released last month.

The album of the Oregon's collective features a collection of 13 brand new songs and see the band dazzling their fans with catchy rock tunes. It's a very interesting and highky entertaining record, containing an interesting amalgam of Prog Rock elements, thanks to the excellent work of The Man Himself Dan Reed, Funk and even Soul.

 (Photo By Anders Gustavsson III)

Dan Reed Network

The first single extracted from the album, Divided, had showed already the band's new found inspiration, not just musically but also lyrically through a very uptempo rock beat that somehow echoes especially in the intro of the song, the sound that made Bon Jovi one of the most famous rock bands worldwide.

Dan Reed Network has now released a second single called The Brave, equally uplifting, with excellent lyrics and choruses, a guaranteed radio-friendly tune.

The song is released Monday 18th July worldwide and the video of the song can be found at the YouTube link below:

The Brave - YouTube


Giovanni "Gio" Pilato