The Moth & The Flame are a band currently based in LA, but formed in Provo, Utah. They are known for their distinctive vocals, and compelling live performances featuring anthropomorphic sculptures of their own creation. They are also creative with their live show sets by transforming venues into moonscapes with floating lanterns and starry nights. Since their beginning in 2011, the band had become local favorites—playing dozens of sold out shows in and around their hometown before relocating to LA. They have made appearances at various festivals worldwide including The Great Escape, SXSW and Midpoint Music Festival.

The Moth & The Flame released a six-song recording, following their self-titled, physical-only debut record. The lead track "Sorry" has received early attention with spins on KCRW and NYLON. The band has been on tour with Imagine Dragons throughout Europe.

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Bluebird Review: The video is not only a throwback to the 1950's nuclear age, but also a visit to theme stories set to music during the early years of MTV, when creativity was an open field to explore visually. This sad story of isolation shows emotional restraint, art, and an eerie sense of wonder, before it literally funnels to its tragic end.


Mark Garbett - keys and vocals

Andrew Tolman - drums

Brandon Robbins - guitar and vocals

The selections were produced by Joey Waronker, acclaimed for the bands, Atoms for Peace, Beck, and Ultraista.

Andrew Tolman explained, "Joey brought an added level of knowledge and experience to the table that was invaluable. He's a percussion and production wizard and all his ideas gelled perfectly with our vision." Brandon Robbins added, "It happened really fast, no looking back. That's why we are here I guess, it's all in the lions mane, ya know?"

Bluebird Review: Compared to Radiohead and touring with Imagine Dragons, the up tempo mix of techno fusion is highlighted by dreamy vocals. And dreamy is, the whole production, with snippets of textual lyrics, commentary and Bon Iver vocal smoothness. Just listening to the tracks without any live show can send you imagining what the concert production would be like. It's great to know that their shows are fan spectacular. Some of the guitar work on songs like, "Silver Tongue" sounds almost like metal, but it scratches the ceiling over the vocals too much to be in that genre. The ache in the vocals, such as "Holy War" stretch the sound band beyond the technology, but this track is short and could be expanded. "How We Woke Up" was included on the Skinwalker Ranch Soundtrack. The overdubbed conversations on some songs are a bit distracting, but overall, a powerful vocal effort on the EP and interesting layers in the production bring curiosity into the mix as the band heads toward deeper recording opportunities.

Track Listing

1. Sorry

2. Holy War

3. Winsome

4. Monster

5. Silver Tongue

6. How We Woke Up (Bonus track) 

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with Peter Katis (The National, Interpol, Jónsi),

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