From Dublin, Ireland.

Dean Smyth, who last year, sent us the mod, hipster, Beatles hanging over a cliff inspired, Storm and The Dales EP, is back. (See Storm and The Dales: Delusions of Grandeur (EP) ). He hasn't gone far, as recording in his kitchen and videotaping from his bathroom seems to bring out the most raw creative efforts for this artist. Dean directed his friend at skantFlock Industries to catch this video on tape and it has generated a curious buzz throughout the web. Some people can't stop watching it! Tamden Shy has four songs to its name this year. This music will sneak up on you, grab your attention, and have you waiting for the next round of Smyth's talent to bubble up more groovy vibes.  

Take a listen to Dean Smyth's 'Tamden Shy' debut. All I can say is that I hope Quentin Tarantino is listening too. The mysterious echo and clash of cymbals, with under the grunge guitar smoke effects, are set up for a landscape of intrigue. You can set any scene to this collection of tracks, be it a film production or a movie in your mind. The mix of vulnerable and sharp in "Mockingbird" give a tone quality of realism, then the bright, harmonious, "I Don't Want You To Be Mine" offers some catchy beats to follow along the way. Smyth keeps the punk irony going. "Love Is A Game" is understanding, validating, and then sends the listener out to soul search what they've signed up for. If you agree to engage in the game of love, Smyth proposes there are certain ground principals to accept. "Bitter and Blue" closes out the frame for the Tamden Shy picture. Ireland venues and pubs will open their doors, while listeners will open their minds, to this hypnogic state invited by Dean Smyth. He's on a journey, and taking us along for the dreamy ride.