Need I say more? Everyone in my circle knows I'm a BonaHolic (a crazed Joe Bonamassa fan). There's thousands of us spanning the globe. In fact, since returning from a successful South American tour, Bonamassa's Facebook page has garnered 400,000 more "Likes" in one month, topping the million mark. He's dynamic. Personable. Electrifying. He's unlike any other blues-rock guitarist I've ever had the pleasure to follow. His music oozes with passion and I can't get enough.


Don't miss out on seeing/watching/hearing the latest musical offering, a four-show concert series recorded in London, England, March 2013. I vividly recall that week. Joe Bonamassa's fan page(s) were filled with posts and comments about the details, photos and videos forwarded by his most devout BonaHolic fans who were in attendance for the epic event. There are several individuals who kept the less fortunate in the loop. We're forever grateful for their efforts.

But...the time has come. The occasion for the entire world to see and hear what a limited few witnessed: The Guitar Event of the Decade (also known as London Week). The impressive four DVD concert package, titled Tour de Force--Live in London, can be purchased as individual show or complete box set. Pre-order now and get the delivery on or before October 28 (UK) and October 29, 2013 (which means, no need to go to a store).

I know where I'll be October 29th: in front of my TV, cranking the blues.

Complete details here.

Yours in music,

DebFromMaine Hebert