Colwell Brothers: Guilty Pleasures

bobandpatduoFormer Speaker of the Maine House of Representatives (Pat, left) and music producer (Bob, right) are 100% American, "Maine-made", regular folk. They're the guys next door: neighbors by day; musicians by night. And because their personable reputation speaks volume on and off the music grid, I'm sure whenever the Colwell Brother's walk about Hallowell, Augusta, Gardiner or Portland, Maine, heads turn and people shout, "Hey Pat! Hey Bob!"

With a combined total of over 50 years in the entertainment business, Pat and Bob have carved out a unique, high-energy electric blues and R & B sound that keeps them relevant and in the public eye. Each has traveled the national tour circuit with their respective solo bands (Boneheads, Soul Sensations, the Radiators, and Inspectors), opening for big name acts like BBKing, NRBQ, CCR, Rick Danko and Roseanne Cash. But now, the brothers stay closer to home, performing at music halls, festivals, community events, and private parties throughout the "207" listening area. What's more, the Colwell's are always accompanied by any given number of veteran studio musicians, who, in their own right, add to the musical experience. On this album music fans are treated to Dicky "Doo" Hollis on drums/rubbermaid container, Mike Auger on cowbell, Justin Maxwell on bass, and Dave Wakefield on tenor sax/alto sax/blues harp. Guest musicians include Greg Lindholm on bass (tracks 2, 4), Stephen B. Jones on guitar (track 9) and D.W. Gill on blues harp (track 4).


"Lock us up. We're guilty as charged!" the introduction to "Guilty Pleasures" reads."Front cover 2-Guilty-Pleasures-12-5-12-Resized-150x150This record is old school Blues/Soul/R&B. 100% auto tune drumm achine synthesizer free stuff, and we had a blast making it: Cheap guitars, nice guitars, Wurlitzers, Hammonds, Mephis horns, Fender Rhodes, Danelectro bass, scorching blues harp, drums that sound like drums, and lot's of first and second takes." Recorded, produced, mixed and mastered at Bob's studio, The Root Cellar, Hallowell, Maine, the mixture of original works and covers show the artist's depth, versatility and humourus side. Before long, I was singing along with Pat and his "Muddy Waters' style of blues. Then, Bob's soulful vocals and New Orleans flavored piano made my heart melt and yearn for a live show.

Other than where noted, original songs written by the Colwells Brothers. The three covers feature new arrangements. For your listening enjoyment, I've added links to live performances on several numbers.

Tracklist includes:

01 – Black Leather Jacket
02 – Beautiful Delilah (Check Berry)
03 – Can't Sit Down
04 – The Chicken And The Hawk (Jerry Lieber, Mike Stoller) (Feat. D.W.Gill)
05 – U Gotta Make Doo
06 – Pain Of Love (Johnny Bristol)
07 – Critical List (Don Covay)
08 – The Blues Done Done It
09 – Sally’s My Girl (Feat. Stephen B. Jones)
10 – Cgs (Cheap Guitar Stomp)

Guilty Pleasures is available at Bull Moose Records (Maine and New Hampshire stores) or via iTunes here. To follow the Colwell Brothers, check out their show schedule, book the band, or download a free MP3 off the CD, click here.

"Kick back, turn up the Hi-Fi to 10, and grab your favorite Guilty Pleasure."

Yours in music,

DebFromMaine Hebert