Meet Dr. Folkman: Folk and blues, alternative country, with a modern vocal quality that honors the Delta roots.

 From his biography~

Dr. Folkman - is the performance alias of Kevin Scott Feldman, a California grown product. His songwriting style reflects a mixture of influences, but is intended to mirror the depth of Dylan, the soul of Robert Johnson, and the individualism of the 90s music scene. Having played with a collection of musicians over the years, and while honing his craft as solo blues artist, he has regularly played such venues as the House of Blues, the Viper Room, The Good Hurt, and a cadre of other places in and around L.A.

Dr. Folkman is a collection of actual life experiences, communicated via the blues, wherein, our protagonist swears off his life as a doctor, in an existential moment, to chase a life as a blues songwriter.

Help contribute to the ideas that music is still a sacred place where artist's dream are realized, and good music still can be made for everyone to enjoy, check out and buy the album and truly help support the dream.

One Love and enjoy!!

From The Crew of Dr. Folkman


Meet Gallons to Ounces: Soulful popular rock, with vocals as smooth as Seal and Maxwell, highlighted by rockin guitar that builds.

From Their Biography:

Washington DC based, Gallons to Ounces, is made of Matt Cummings, Zach Miller and Tom Hatcher. With soul, jazz and rock riffs, they are the Hard Rock Cafe Rising, award winners of 2012. Influences and tributes include, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Wonder, Steely Dan and Tears For Fears.