Hart Turned to Familiar Face on Solo Project
Forty year-old songstress, Beth Hart, turned to familiar face on her upcoming solo project, Bang Bang Boom Boom. Kevin Shirley "Caveman" is popular amongst some of the world's finest rock bands like Led Zeppelin, Journey, and Dream Theater (to name a few). However, he is looked upon by the Joe Bonamassa fan community as "family." He has exclusively produced Joe since 2005, including all side projects with Black Country Communion and Beth Hart.

Beth came to know Joe around 2006 when she opened several of his shows in Europe.
In 2011, she provided vocals for the track, "No Love On The Street" on his album Dustbowl, and then collaborated on the full length record Don't Explain, a collection of old soul classics. It received high praise by the press, with subsequent nomination by Blues Music Awards for Best Contemporary Blues Album in 2012.
Additionally, Hart guest appeared on Joe Bonamassa's Live From Beacon Theatre in 2011. Two numbers, "I'll Take Care of You" (Brook Benton) and "Sinner's Prayer" (Ray Charles), are definite show stoppers!!! The concert was filmed for DVD and is available at Joe Bonamassa's Official Website. What's more, "Sinner's Prayer" was included on Joe Bonamassa's "No Hits, No Hype, Just The Best," a twelve-track compilation CD released as part of special promotional package for the February 2012 edition of Classic Rock magazine.

The unofficial buzz word? 
Hart and Bonamassa are destined to work together on a follow up album in 2013. 
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Bang Bang Boom Boom is Beth's ninth album and set for release on October 8, 2012 in the UK. Distribution in the USA is planned in 2013. There are four episodes (webisodes) on the making of Bang Bang Boom Boom and one official music video. These videos give the listener a broad insight into the recording process and behind-the-scenes workings. Plus, mini interviews with Beth, Kevin and the hand-picked musicians on this project make it "must see" TV for avid music buffs.

Kevin Shirley says, "...it's gonna be a classic. A very special record." One of the key things for him when producing is, he's got to like the music! Shirley says Beth Hart, "explores a bunch of different styles. A little different for her musically."
There is a bit of vaudeville, jazz and hard rock influences in Beth's writing and singing. "I think it's a great album."
Also appearing are session musicians, Anton Fig on drums, Arlan Schauerbaum on keyboards, and Michael Rhodes on bass. These are three familiar faces on many of Joe Bonamassa's recordings.

From what I've seen and heard so far, Bang Bang Boom Boom is going to be a smash hit for Beth Hart!!! I don't think I can wait until 2013 to get the CD, so I might just have to buy an import.
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Photo and video courtesy of Beth Hart et al.