This photo was on the Led Zeppelin Facebook Page today. Zeppelin fans know that there could be two ways to interpret this clue to a future event. It could be an album release, because there are four albums from Zeppelin that feature number symbols.

Is there a Zeppelin V  in the future?

Most likely, the date may reflect that is has been five years since the Led Zeppelin Reunion in London, which was at the Ahmet Ertegun Tribute.

Perhaps there is a DVD release of the Led Zeppelin performance at the O2 on the horizon?

I was lucky enough to attend this historic show, This event changed my life for the better and was the inspiration to start this website. We will be following these clues closely along with our readers and other Zeppelin related newsfeeds. Read the original post here: .


Call the Tune and Ramble On.

When the Hammer of the Gods knocks at your door,

you open it

and follow the Piper ...

Sept. 9th, this was posted on the same page. Some type of countdown, perhaps?