2012: The Year of Joe Bonamassa

We're all familiar with the quote, "Make hay while the sun shines." This phrase means to do thing at the most suitable occasions. Don't procrastinate. "Get it done now, while you've got the chance - put it off, and the chance may not come again."

While some may call Joe a workaholic, I say he's driven by an intrinsic zealousness for all music and playing of the blues. And right now, he’s in high demand and living the life every legendary talent should. Therefore I declare 2012: “The Year of Joe Bonamassa.”

The following is a summary of some of Joe’s accomplishments in 2012:

And after all of this, Bonamassa is gearing up for another world tour beginning in September where he'll perform in Singapore, Tokyo, Bangkok, Manilla, and Hong Kong. He and the band will then make their way to Australia for six sold out shows.  

A stop-over in Honolulu kicks off the American leg of the world tour in October. This is Joe’s first appearance in Hawaii.

Additional scheduled stops include Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Indiana, Ohio (four shows), New York, Massachusetts, Washington, D.C., West Virginia, Georgia, Alabama, and North Carolina. Closing out the tour in Florida, home to Bonamassa's independently owned recording label J & R Adventures, Inc., six performances are booked.

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Yours in music,

DebFromMaine Hebert