One Joe Bonamassa: Beacon Theatre-Live From New York DVD, PLEASE!

So I go into my local record store: Bull Moose Music, on Tuesday, March 27, 2012 at about noon for several reasons:

First stop: "Free Stuff' board and bin, just inside the doorway, on the right. All promotional material is kept here.

I pinned one postcard flier advertising Joe Bonamassa's Maine debut at Merrill Auditorium, Portland, Maine, May 23, 2012, to the partially empty promo board (above a stack of flyers I'd left on a previous visit).


Second stop: '"New Release" section, 10 feet to my left.

I quickly glance at the outside jacket of 20 or more shrink-wrapped square containers, each neatly arranged in individual slots on the corner wall.

YES! YES!! YES!!! I admit it. I expected to see Joe Bonamassa: Beacon Theatre-Live From New York concert DVD in the#1 spot (or any slot). But, NOPE! Not there. I knew where I must look next...


Third stop: "Music DVD" section in the back, right corner of the store.

With precision, my eyes traced the outside edge of this enormous shelving unit, upward and to the top row. Beginning at index card marked "A", my focus advanced forward until "B" was reached.

"Bon Jovi" pops out at me! and then I find myself reading each title (instead of scanning) and spelling backward to Bona ...(Did you get that? I had to spell backwards.) But NOPE!!! Don't see any Bonamassa concert DVDs. Period.

Flippantly, I spun around and searched out the "Rock" section, in the center of the store and where I knew Joe's CDs were located. Strike three! Only a handful of CDs were found.

By now, the hunt was no longer fun and my usual happy-go-lucky disposition was morphing into desperation. My inner voice pleaded--just one Joe Bonamassa: Beacon Theatre-Live From New York DVD, PLEASE!


Fourth stop: The Register/Counter.

I was greeted by one of the regular staff.

"Hi...I'm looking for Joe Bonamassa's Beacon Theatre: Live From New York DVD just released today," I said anxiously.

The guy smiles in his usual friendly way, as if he was reading my mind (based off prior interactions with me). "That last guy, in line. He bought the last one."

Out the door, in the parking lot, I see a man in a hat, jacket and jeans, briskly walking away and holding something in his right hand.

I exited the building and into a 'dustbowl' twister swirling debris through the air. It caught me off guard. I squinted my eyes to keep the sand out, but never stopped following that man and his location in the parking lot.

"Sir. Sir. Excuse me, Sir. What's your name?" I holler above the roar of wind.

Thirty to forty feet away, I see him turn but not stop.

I drew nearer and again yelled, "What's your name?"

"Sue," he replied, without hesitation.

"Oh. I thought maybe I knew you from on-line or JBXP or something. I'm a Joe Bonamassa fan too. I'm a Street Teamer and was told you bought the last DVD. Are you going to the Merrill show?"


Albeit, I learned a few things about this stranger: his last name, he lives locally, he is a long time fan, and that he is attending the Portland show in May. No more no less. We shook hands and departed in opposite directions.

So, I return to the store and ask the same staff clerk, "Do you have any more DVD's in stock or did that guy really buy the last one?"

About five minutes later, he steps out from the back room with one more copy in hand.


Beacon Theatre-Live From New York Official Trailer

Yours in music,


Joe Bonamassa