The Sky is The Limit
Free from external control and constraint, blues rock guitarist Joe Bonamassa (and long time friend and business partner, Roy Weisman, of J & R Adventures) make career choices without heavy-handed, corporate execs input. This artist is totally independent...and that fact is evermore evident over these past couple of months.

bonabanner2What  "word of mouth" means to selling music is sharply opposite to the standard approach taken by large music labels. And Joe's use of modern technology, namely social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, has caught the attention of many. In George Barna's  "Most Fascinating People, 2011,"  Joe Bonamassa is listed as #9 because of his "good use of social media."

 Marketwatch wrote a lengthy piece on how he is the single force behind driving sales for the guitar industry and keeping the guitar alive.
Most recently, Joe launched an innovative clothing line Sociable Apparel..--"apparel you can wear physically and share digitally."

All I can say is, "Wow!!!"
Only the sky is the limit for Joe Bonamassa.
Yours in music, DebFromMaine
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