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"No Hit" Wonder

It pains me whenever I hear Joe Bonamassa quip about having had no hits off 12 studio albums when he should be a household name!
I first heard his version of modern blues on a warm summers night in June 2010--an emotional, musical experience I will never forget. The music channel Palladia aired Live From Royal Albert Hall concert, filmed in London, May 2009.

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From the first note of  "Django," an instrumental piece, I knew I was a fan, hooked for life.

With an upcoming 13th solo album due out May 22, 2012, the title track "Driving Toward The Daylight," has a road warrior overtone: "Look upon a mountain, waiting on a train, baby I know what's wrong, and it's still happening, waiting on my destiny, learning from my ability...Rusty strings on my old guitar, speaks volumes of who you are...Driving towards the daylight, running from the midnight, trying to get a way home, running from the spotlight..."

Is this song a hit? It's hard to tell in a finicky business where music is subjective and not objective. Nevertheless, one thing is for sure, despite being a "no hit" wonder, Joe Bonamassa is an international superstar who sells out show after show. His devoted fan base will continue to support the blues rock titan.
Yours in music, DebFromMaine

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