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July 15, 2012.

Photos and Review by Bluebird. dfyband2

Snowzee's Music Shack, Sunderland, MA.

Their name is WHAT? Say WHAT?

From our local area of Amherst, MA, introducing, "Dude F*ckin Yeah!"

I had to change my policy around cursing to bring their article live, even though they will politely be billed as DFY.

I don't change policies too quickly around here, but this band is perfect for this website.


Multiple Genre Blends in a Serious Shot of Groovy Progressive Rock:

Multiple genres, indie power, real instruments and raw talent. It is this kind of music that inspires us, and what is needed in new sound concepts today. With a new generation of open minded rockers, the philosophy of the album experience has hope for the future, because this band bleeds the progressive rock vibe, within miles of its presence.

DFY formed in October of 2003 starting off with their first album which took two months to record, The Journey of the Mole People Down the 18-Mile One-Way Open Trench. A three year tour helped them find their stride and their second album has a shorter name called, Princess. (2007).


"Our sound is original and limitless. We don't write within one genre, we jam, we rock out and guarantee to melt your faces off

and put them back on again!"


Catch the DFY Live Show: A Soundscape Experience.dfyweb

Influenced by classic rockers and progressive contemporaries, such as Frank Zappa, Tool, Phish, The Grateful Dead, Led Zeppelin, Deerhoof, Isis, Black Sabbath, Ween, Bob Marley, Rush, Richard D. James, and the Beatles, DFY has something in their music for everyone. Their refusal to remain static to one genre, yet still take their music writing and instrumentation seriously, creates a fun party atmosphere, that indie rock snobs can be proud to attend, while pretty pop crashers will still enjoy.

I paid them a visit to hear their short set at Snowzee's Music Shack in Sunderland, MA. They were already in full swing at an all day band festival when I arrived. Running on all cylinders, the lead keys and vocals created a groove that was easily reciprocated by this young energetic crowd. Within minutes, party revelers were doing what I call, the funky amoeba dance, and moving around the room to every beat of the skillful heavy bass.

Snowzee's Music Shack hosted at least 20 bands that night. The small venue didn't limit their loud and proud sound, which was adjusted as they went, by Chris in tandem with the owner, Mark Snowzee, a musician himself, who provided a soundboard for the bands. While fans were singing along, instrument solos offered great showmanship, without being overindulgent. "Real Good Acid" was a crowd favorite and a catchy tune, bobbing a kickin bassline and fusion guitar.

They wrapped up the show straightforward and understated. Despite their crazy name, this band is serious about their music. I've followed them all year and was happy to finally catch them live. They are often posting new songs and engaging audiences in the broader parts of New England. If you see them on a local bill, stop by for a fresh perspective in music, fun progressive rock and a chance to yell, "DUDE F*CKIN YEAH" from the ceiling!dfyshoesweb



History of the Universe Part I

History of the Universe Part II

The Journey of the Mole People Down the 18 Mile One-Way Open Trench

Real Good Acid


DFY Information for Your Brain:

The album is for sale at and several non-chain shops in Western MA.

Artists They Also Like Orange Television, the Fundimensionals, Outer Stylie, The Shape, Project Object, The Old Silver Band, Sorrowseed, Barry Kingston and the Screaming Souls, Powerglove, Raq, Shiprock and Anchor Dog, Tidwell's Treasure, Sunshine Riot, Dad Fight





Mike Thurber- Drums
Conally Kight- Guitar
Richard Buonaugurio- Bass
Christopher Gorham- Vocals, Keys




Amherst, MA


Record Label



General Manager

Casey Jones (Promotions: Conally Kight)






Frank Zappa, Tool, Phish, The Grateful Dead, Led Zeppelin, Deerhoof, Isis, Black Sabbath, Ween, Bob Marley, Rush, Richard D. James, the Beatles


Current Location

Amherst, MA


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Press Contact

Casey Jones, Conally Kight


Booking Agent

Casey Jones, Conally Kight


Out On The Tiles

Anna Von Hausswolff - Live In London at Oslo, Hackney - 8th December 2015



I have been waiting to see Anna Von Hausswolff live for a very long time. Her new album, the recently released The Miraculous, has been on constant airplay on Bluebird Reviews' hi-fi in recent times.

The Oslo club in Hackney, London, is not just a superb eatery place but also an excellent, intimate music venue and the perfect environment for tonight's show by Anna Von Hausswolff and her superb avant-garde music style.

When the Swedish young prodigy arrives on stage, it is very clear from the first note that this will be a very special night of music to remember. Von Hausswolff's band is made by two guitarists, a drummer and a keyboardist and she carefully places them around her on stage, almost to create the perfect quadriphonic sound frame.

Von Hausswolff is currently touring Europe to promote her new album and, By Jove, how well she does so! If anyone might have been mesmerised by the exceptional quality of her voice and the infinite talent as multi-instrumentalist on record, Von Hausswolff goes two notches further when she plays live, tonight.

Her voice dazzles throughout the show in various forms. From the low, almost baritonal style she uses on The Hope Only Of Empty Men to the dissonant singing mode used in Pomperipossa, resembling the sound of a mermaid, singing her pain from the deepest abysses in the sea. Von Hausswolff gives so much intensity to this live performance like very few artists I have seen for a very long time. She means every note and every word and she never gives for grant that audiences may understand or appreciate the personal music journey this extraordinary artist has embarked.

So much so that, when she receives the first of many triumphant roars from the crowd on the track called Discovery, Von Hausswolff is pleasantly taken by surprise by the crowd's reaction. All she manages to say is, in her own sweet and shy way, "This is unbelievable, you are fu***ng amazing!".

The Swedish artist creates, through her music, unique sonic carpets, able to transport the crowd in different times and spaces. What is really stunning, it is that the audience remains silent throughout each of the songs, to allow and appreciate even more Von Hausswolff's magnitude of music expression.

The finale is thunderous and incredibly emotive. Come Wander With Me/Deliverance is a 10-minute plus suite that goes through an irresistible crescendo, allowing Von Hausswolff and her band to write in a very special way and in cubical letters the words "The End" to an incredible show. The crowd wants some more and Von Hausswolff, gracefully, returns on stage to play, as encore, Mountain Crave, from her previous album Ceremony. Von Hausswolff thanks sweetly the audience by saying "I feel exhausted but you were so unbelievable to me, thank you so much!".

She may be seen, sometimes, by the media, like an unreachable, talented, beautiful star coming from a different music universe. Anna Von Hausswolff has clearly stated tonight, through this show, that she belongs to music royalty.

The sky of London, tonight, after the Swedish Star passage, for one night only, seems a bit more shinier. Thanks to Anna Von Hausswolff.


Giovanni "Gio" Pilato



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