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New Muse-ic Monday is a feature that we run every week to introduce new bands and album releases to our readers. Legendary and well known bands are reviewed in depth, often in advance of the album's release date. We celebrate local and unsigned bands and process many self-released records. Bluebirdreviews offers full album reviews of most submissions, because we know the artist spent a lot of time writing their music. If a musician was inspired to write a collection of songs for an album, then we are always respectful to listen to the entire set of recordings. We do all that we can to include liner note references and the band's biography for our readers knowledge and our archive here. New Muse-ic Monday is often the first place that a band or a new album is introduced. Join us!

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Rebecca Brandt: Numbers and Shapes: Revisited

Catching up with Brooklyn art music songwriter and composer, Rebecca Brandt ...

We reviewed her first release, Numbers and Shapes in 2012. Rebecca Brandt: Numbers and Shapes . The record was nominated for a Grammy!

Here is her update:

As you know, I released my first record back in May 2012, and what you may not know is that it received a top-25 shortlist nomination at the 2013 Grammy Awards. A newly-formed label Green Village took notice and pitched the idea of curating a remix album based on the original pieces, and thus our new baby was born, Numbers & Shapes: Revisited. It features 14 remixes created by different producers and DJs from around the world, including Starkey, Policy, Liondub, Rabit and more. The project had no guidelines or expectations - we just wanted to create dance floor-driven tracks built off classical elements, to try to challenge and play with the rules of genre and have some fun.

Read more: Rebecca Brandt: Numbers and Shapes: Revisited

Langhorne Slim: ANIMAL (Official Video)

Experience Langhorne Slim as you've never seen or heard him. Langhorne Slim and The Law hit you with the raw sounds and literally sharp edges of unconscious symbols, direct lyrics of strength and exploration, as they make you face yourself. Out of touch with reality is never the case. Crazy in a good way is the vibe here. Get ready for the screams. Langhorne's music is always evolving, pushing ideas into the exosphere, making it easier for the rest of us to find our ways home again. Are you a long time Langhorne fan? Listen for the references to his back to the wild themed lyrics. He also seems to be digging deep into earlier inspirations of experimentalism.

Warning: expect to be exhausted after viewing this video.

Bill's Fault


Billsfault is the result of four musicians, with a multitude of musical inspirations, blending together to create one musical sound. This led to Bill Heath stating in an interview that nobody has found a way to categorize them. He calls it original rock with pop, funk, jazz, folk, punk, and alternative influences. (Winston Salem Journal - Relish).

Our readers enjoy this band's debut because of its genre blending into a smooth sound that is both easy on the ears and interesting to explore. REM influences are listed on their website, but you can hear Talking Heads and other similar sounds but with a funk-rock-crash in the quips. Funky Red Hot Chili Pepper Flea-like bass sounds come through with vocals holding a slight echo make a really hip vibe. Then there are dreamy acoustic breaks that make the whole song burst from a cloud. Billsfault would be a fun band to see live with their all around decade spanning sound. Let's see what's next!


The Moth & The Flame

The Moth & The Flame are a band currently based in LA, but formed in Provo, Utah. They are known for their distinctive vocals, and compelling live performances featuring anthropomorphic sculptures of their own creation. They are also creative with their live show sets by transforming venues into moonscapes with floating lanterns and starry nights. Since their beginning in 2011, the band had become local favorites—playing dozens of sold out shows in and around their hometown before relocating to LA. They have made appearances at various festivals worldwide including The Great Escape, SXSW and Midpoint Music Festival.

Read more: The Moth & The Flame

Bobaflex spins a new record, continues US tour.

Bobaflex is on tour in the US.

The band was formerly with TvT. Charlatan's Web is their 6 release and 3rd being released on their own label BFX Records. "BAD MAN" is the current single at radio, which has charted 4 of the last 5 weeks on Medibase and continues to climb. It is their most succesful single to date. With catchy hooks and punk-metal looks, Bobaflex brings all that metal fans love about energy into a modern knock out punch, with cliff edges and great rhythms.

Read more: Bobaflex spins a new record, continues US tour.

Tamden Shy

From Dublin, Ireland.

Dean Smyth, who last year, sent us the mod, hipster, Beatles hanging over a cliff inspired, Storm and The Dales EP, is back. (See Storm and The Dales: Delusions of Grandeur (EP) ). He hasn't gone far, as recording in his kitchen and videotaping from his bathroom seems to bring out the most raw creative efforts for this artist. Dean directed his friend at skantFlock Industries to catch this video on tape and it has generated a curious buzz throughout the web. Some people can't stop watching it! Tamden Shy has four songs to its name this year. This music will sneak up on you, grab your attention, and have you waiting for the next round of Smyth's talent to bubble up more groovy vibes.  

Read more: Tamden Shy

The Charm The Fury

PRESS RELEASE: Unique, edgy, ferocious yet somber, The Netherland's The Charm the Fury formed in 2010 and has brilliantly managed to stand out from the crowd. The band is not only known for its harmonious but chaotic tracks, but also because of female screamer Caroline Westendorp. Caroline's vocals will turn the head of any female fronted act, as well as, give male fronted bands a severe run for their money.

Hailed as "Hollands best kept secret", The Charm The Fury, are frantically taking the globe by storm with their aggressive take on a modern day metal trend. Already leaving crowds in frenzy across multiple countries while also taking the European festivals by storm!

The new music video for their single "Carte Blanche" can be seen here:

The debut full length " A Shade Of My Former Self", released September 17, 2013 via Pavement Entertainment (North America), shows sheer progression and maturity in the bands unique sound and structure. Check out the band talking about the new album here:

The band will also embark on a hectic touring schedule with dates confirmed supporting We Came As Romans, While She Sleeps and a prolific slot at this years Warped Tour Eindhoven! Plans for a full North American tour are also in the works for complete worldwide domination.

Planet X with Jason Couture

Hailing from Maine, Jason Couture started his musical adventures in Vermont based band, Jumping Ugly. Members Bill Cooper, Justin Couture and Jeff Hutchinson, helped develop Jason's first experiences with musical composition. After a few gigs and two CDs, the members separated to pursue other projects, but Jason was just getting started.

"Planet X" is Jason's release for 2013. Grounded in the same rock guitar flash that Jason grew up on, the music is a reflection of creativity and inspiration solely for this beloved instrument.  The six instrumental tracks are free to download, as "Planet X" is a universal outreach to the guitar inspired.


Catch the Buzz with June & The Bee!

The indie folk sibling duo, June & The Bee, is now a trio, with the addition of sax player/vocalist Zoe Langsdale. The dynamic team have been hard at work on writing new songs since last we saw them debut at the Iron Horse Music Hall in 2012. They headlined the Horse last month and have had so many tour dates this year, we haven't been able to keep up with them. Emma June and Eli Ayres are mixing up their styles  too, bringing on guest musicians, and playing in unchartered regions beyond the Pioneer Valley, including the legendary, Club Passim. Take a listen to their new recordings here and let us know what you think!

Click here for a review of their debut show at the Iron Horse/2012:

June & the Bee at The Iron Horse Music Hall, September 22, 2012

WANG CHUNG has a NEW RECORD: Tazer Up! Listen to "Let's Get Along"


WANG CHUNG will hit the US shores on July 18th. Don't blink. While everyone will be Wang Chung-ing, they are cranking out prolific, high energy tracks, that might just steal away summer and top the charts again.

In advance of their show, we've been listening to their new release, TAZER UP!

One of our favorite tracks is the hip-mod groove of "Let's Get Along." It starts out with a spare acoustic string, then leads into some smooth vocals and a great vibe mixed with some techno-edge. Guitar riffs underline it making the song soar, yet it hangs from a high wire of cool. Listen closely, because a world music theme is there, with some cultural chants, and then it whisks you back to the fast beat of the running track.

Why is the record called Tazer Up and what is the significance of the cover? Tune in for more footage of Wang Chung in the upcoming weeks!

Until then, we'll leave you with the meditative, London Orbital.  


ADLER: Back From The Dead

Photo Info:

Adler - Left to Right: Lonny Paul, Steven Adler, Jacob Bunton, Johnny Martin

Photo Credit: Liz Taylor / Smackdab Media

Back From The Dead  has been out for several months, and even Guns and Roses' purists, who can be die hard skeptics, are diggin it. Recorded in Los Angeles with producer Jeff Pilson (FOREIGNER, DOKKEN) and mixed by Jay Ruston (ANTHRAX, STONE SOUR) it is bold and modern bright, with 1980's loyalties. Some rockers are saying it's one of the better solo works to come out of the GnR tradition, even going as far as  saying it's as good as, or better than, Slash's latest release. This may be good news for Slash, however, because he guests on the album. Heavy and sharp, with plenty of straight up head bang-er phrasing, the album emits high energy and a good dose of solo edges, to add to the tension building. The release explodes into a great frenzy of metal mania, and the record is an enjoyable listen, because of the quality of musicianship. The experience of these talented musicians and great balanced production, makes the heavy sound accessible to classic rock fans too. Track 10, "Your Diamonds," had a vintage feel of deep cut Boston or Journey, in the strong vocal harmonies, stop on a dime timing, and piano/organ back tones, finishing finally, in a guitar solo tease- and an anthem rant that fans can latch on to. The only one ballad of the record, "Just Don't Ask" features Slash. It has that 80's hair band feel, with sing along, memorable melodies, remaining strong to the metal edges that we love so much from that era.

The editor of the Led Zeppelin Ultimate Fan Page listened to the record and had this review:

It's basically straight up rock and roll, no frills, effects. Adler proves that he still has what it takes to keep the backbeat of a band. The band sounds tight and a good indication that they can grow if they stick to the basics and not try to compete or imitate with other bands out there. Having John 5 guest on 'Good to be Bad' is my favourite track. (Slash actually appears on 'Just Don't Ask'.) I enjoyed it, honestly, (and yes, I loved Slash's solo work, too) which says a lot, as I was initially a skeptic of Adler's, so this is huge for me to give a positive review of Back From The Dead.  (Izzy's solo efforts are also amazing, by the way. The debut, Izzy Stradlin and the Ju Ju Houndsis still a fave CD of mine.)

 Fan pick tracks: "Good to be Bad," "Habit," "Own Worst Enemy."


Read an interview with Jacob Bunton of ADLER here.





From Celebrity Rehab to the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame, Adler marks

a new beginning for legendary drummer Steven Adler (Guns N

Roses). The collective foursome known as Adler is comprised of

Steven Adler, frontman Jacob Bunton (Lynam, Mars Electric),

guitarist Lonny Paul (Adler's Appetite), and Johnny Martin (Chelsea


Adler came together after a chance meeting with Bunton and Paul at

The Key Club in Hollywood, CA. "I was in town for a friends

memorial" states Bunton. "I was at a club on the strip with my friend

Jay Ruston. He told me he wanted me to meet with a couple of the

Adler's Appetite guys to discuss a new project. He introduced me to

Lonny and we hit it off immediately. The next day Lonny and Steven

came to my hotel room and we sat around and talked music for hours.

We got together and jammed a couple of days later and the chemistry

was amazing!"

"I put together Adler's Appetite to play the old Guns N Roses songs

for the fans" states Steven Adler. "While we were on the road last

year, Lonny gave me a CD with some amazing songs that he had

written. It really lit a fire inside me to start creating again. We

immediately started looking for a singer, but after trying out several

candidates, we got a little discouraged. I wanted someone with a

dynamic range that had their own sound and style. Just when we

thought we had hit a brick wall looking for a singer, Lonny called me

one night and said he had just met Jacob and that he was our guy. As

soon as I met Jacob and heard him sing, I knew that I had found the

singer I had been looking for."

"I had been playing guitar for Steven in Adler's Appetite for about six

months" explains Paul. "Steven decided to end Adler's Appetite and

focus on a new project from scratch. We were looking for a singer

with a unique voice and a broad range. Jay suggested Jacob and said

we should meet. It's funny because when I pulled up to The Key Club

that night, I saw Jacob outside and said to my friend 'that dude is a

total rockstar, I wonder if he can sing.' When Jay called him over to

meet me, I thought this is meant to be. Jacob is exactly the frontman

that we had been looking for."

For the next few months Bunton and Paul worked on writing new

material. In January, the band began recording their debut album with

producer Jeff Pilson (Dokken, Foreigner) and mixer Jay Ruston

(Anthrax, Steel Panther, The Donnas). "The Chemistry between all of

us is amazing" says Bunton. "The recording process has been an

awesome experience. We're not relying on computers and auto tune

to fix everything. We're totally going by feel and capturing the raw

energy of the songs. It's a real rock n roll album, performed by a

band, with a real human element."

Adler's debut album, Back From The Dead features guest

performances from Steven Adler's former Guns N Roses bandmate

Slash, as well as Rob Zombie / Ex-Marilyn Manson guitarist John 5.

"I haven't been this excited about my band since the Guns N Roses

days" states Adler. "I'm so excited for everyone to hear this record!"

Back From The Dead was released through New Ocean Media.

Out On The Tiles

Gentlemen Hall at the Boston Music Awards, 2011

Gentlemen Hall. Best Live Video of the Year. Pop Artist of the Year.

Review by Bluebird.

Photos by Micah Gummel. thumb bmalogo

While listening to the bands on the 2011 Nominee List, Gentlemen Hall caught my attention. When I heard them for the first time, I double checked the category. I didn't hear this band as pop. They seemed to me to be more indie, techno, rock and even a little funk. Oh, what do we call a band that is open minded, talented and offers a range of listening? Pop the way it should be. Quality, popular rock.



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