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Hi all.  S. A. Hussey here with this month’s book review:

by: Juli Page Morgan
Under Katie Scott’s flower child exterior beats the heart of June Cleaver.  Though she digs her bellbottoms and love beads, she longs for the idyllic family life she was denied as a child.
Laughed out of San Francisco’s Haight Ashbury after the Summer of Love for believing rock ‘n roll and white picket fences can coexist she decides to try her luck in the bohemian neighborhood of Ladbroke Grove in London.
When she discovers her new friend Adam is starting a band with Jay Carey, she’s ecstatic.  She’d admired the British guitar god from afar for years, and when she and Jay finally meet the attraction between them is instantaneous.
But life with a rock ‘n roll star doesn’t lend itself well to white picket fences.  And when Katie Jay the secret she’s carried for two years it may end the dream before it begins.
I picked Crimson and Clover not because it was a finalist in Book Junkie's Reader's Choice Awards (it was), or even because Amazon chose the book to be part of its Kindle Big Deal promotion for December, I did it because I know the author, Juli Page Morgan; a fellow lover of Jimmy Page, Led Zeppelin, French onion dip, a coffee lover, and who is a fantastic friend.  Juli and I schlepped around Memphis, TN seeing all the musical sites and I know first-hand how much she loves music and its history. 
Crimson and Clover is a story entrenched in the late 60's early 70's.  You can (almost) smell the weed, feel the flower power, and free love coming from within the pages.  Jay and Katie’s fire and passion never let up throughout the story, they are a couple you root for, as this isn't just your typical romance.  Ms. Morgan researches and strives to be historically correct in all her stories and weaves her knowledge of music and bands right into every page.  Her characters leap out of the book and you become enthralled with them.  Whether you're male or female Crimson and Clover has it all and then some.
And, right now through December 22nd, its AMAZON's big steal deal at .99 cents.  Purchase it for yourself, your friends, wives, girlfriends, husbands, etc.   Jay and Katie sizzle; you need to read their rockin story.   Show Juli Page Morgan a Whole Lotta Love and purchase this book.
I give it:   5 BIC Flames
Use this link here to purchase:    AMAZON
 AUTHOR HISTORY:         julipagemorgan
As a young girl living in Tupelo, Mississippi Juli kept her radio on 24/7, and tuned to WTUP; she remembers waking up most mornings to Three Dog Night's, "Shambala."  (Nice, huh) 
“Music has always been a part of my life.”
Juli’s dad played the guitar and loved music.  While he didn’t always get a chance to play, he always had the radio on or he had the 8-track player playing in the car. The music her parents listened to wasn't something she grooved too, but it was music, and it was a constant in her life.  Juli’s older brother was a rock 'n roll radio deejay, and even when she was too young to really know what that was, she still thought it was a cool way to make a living. (I agree)
Juli’s lifelong obsession with rock music really began when she was 13. A friend's older sister had seen Led Zeppelin, and snapshots taken at the show were brought to school. That very weekend Juli busted open her piggy bank and bought her first Led Zeppelin album.
It's funny how I can recall with startling clarity how the late winter sun felt on my hands when my friend handed me a photo of Jimmy Page onstage. I had never seen anything that beautiful in my whole life, and every newly-budded hormone in my 13-year-old body stood at once and began singing, The Hallelujah Chorus."
Juli tried to play music, starting out on the piano and then the flute. She quickly realized she didn't have the talent to be very good at either of them and was content to playing her records at maximum volume and singing into a hairbrush. (Stop snickering; you did it, too.)
Three years later she attended her first concert, Foghat, at the Mississippi Gulf Coast Coliseum in Biloxi. It was almost everything her young rock 'n roll heart had yearned for - the lights, the screaming fans, the music, being so close to the band.   Juli managed to get herself to every rock concert at the Coliseum after that - ELO, Aerosmith, Ted Nugent, KISS, Heart, Angel, Journey - she saw them all.
The minute Juli graduated high school, she went into radio. With warnings from her brother that she wouldn't make any money, Juli was fine with it as it wasn't her priority. “My priority was to be a part of rock music any way I could. To be able to sit in a darkened control room and play the music I loved for people who loved it as much as I did was better than I could have ever imagined.” 
Juli found that being a rock jock was privy to all sorts of perks. This was in the fading glory days of FM rock radio, when record companies sent boxes of new releases to the stations, concert tickets, and backstage passes. Juli was in seventh heaven.
“...I not only played the music, I met the people making it. I interviewed them, hung out backstage before the shows, and then partied with them after the concert was over. And I fell in love a little bit with each and every one of them. And the things I heard and the things I saw? I never forgot any of it.”
Fast forward to present day.  All those memories from Juli’s youth stayed with her and she began weaving them into a story about a rock god guitar player (who looked amazingly like that snapshot her friend showed her when she was 13).   Into this rock god Juli incorporated the traits and situations of so many of the musicians she'd met over the years.  Then one day she started writing it down.
It wasn't nearly as easy as she'd thought it would be. In fact, it was damned hard. But there was no way Juli could give up telling her rock god story. Along the way she found an online group of writers willing to help her, and after editing numerous times Juli had her book.
Crimson and Clover was published in February 2013 by Crimson Romance, an imprint of F+W.  This book is different than other books that fall into the Rockstar Romance genre. Yes, it's fiction, and yes, it's classified as a romance, but there's a realism there that most other books don't have. In fact, author Terri Herman-Ponce summed up Crimson and Clover quite nicely:
"This is a must-read for anyone who loves classic rock and roll...for someone who's looking for something real. Sure, Crimson and Clover is labeled as a romance but it's so much more. This is a story about rock and roll, and love, and challenge, and getting together, and trying to stay together. It's about a man and a woman who come up against the realities of the 60s, and who try to make it work. It's about being groovy, and Led Zeppelin, and smoking, and free love, and great times. And some heartache in between."
Juli’s thrilled that Crimson and Clover was received so well by readers.  Since February, Juli’s published two more stories from her Romances that Rock catalog:  Athena's Daughter set in 1975 Memphis, and Song Without Words primarily set in a radio station in New Orleans in 1982. (Gee, wonder where she got that idea?) In both books, Juli strives to keep the realism that touched so many of her readers in Crimson and Clover. And best of all they're full of the music that we all love.
Juli’s working on her next book, Sister Golden Hair, set in present day and it’s the first story that doesn't have a rock guitarist as the hero. This time around he's a lead singer and you'll get to meet him March 2014.
All of Juli's Romances that Rock are available in eBook and paperback at your favorite online retailers: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Tower Books and more.   
Use the link here:  AMAZON
Or go to Ms. Morgan’s website here:  J.P.M. - Buy the books
Juli Page Morgan is a former rock ‘n roll radio announcer who had the great luck to meet and interview lots of bands over the years. During those interviews she heard lots of interesting stories, but it was when the microphone was turned off and they were just hanging out that she heard - and saw - the really juicy stuff! Incorporating these revelations in her books (with names and locations changed to protect the innocent, and often the not-so-innocent!) lets her remember those wonderful people that briefly rocked through her life, and to take her readers on a hard rocking journey full of love, music and happy endings while giving a “backstage peek” at some of the things that really happened.  Her Romances that Rock™ include Crimson and Clover, Athena’s Daughter, and Song Without Words.
Juli lives in Arkansas with her husband. When she’s not writing, she’s recording voiceovers for television commercials, remodeling her old house, and trying to convince her husband the world won’t come to an end if the television is turned off.  She also listens to a lot of music at maximum volume and exceeds the speed limit when she drives.  Juli’s an unapologetic lover of rock ‘n roll, Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page, and French onion dip, not necessarily in that order.
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Biography of Article Author:
S. A. Hussey is a freelance writer, author, and published poet who writes freelance music articles for Bluebird Reviews and Rock-it-Write both web-based music review sites.  S. A. Hussey has had two poems published in anthology books and takes part in on-line critique and writers groups.  Her latest project is preparing her first novel, REMEMBRANCE, for publication in 2014 and is hard at work writing another story entitled, ALL ACCESS.   
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Olga Munding Produces Anam Cara Film Project.

Years ago, I was on vacation and contacted by Olga Munding, a New Orleans blueswoman who was releasing a record called, Whatever You Want. Agreeing to review it, when I returned to the BBR office, I received a beautiful package in the mail. It was a copy of the CD, plus a 'drop card' that if planted, grew wildflowers in the garden. Attached was a handwritten note, thanking us for our work. In the age of instant downloads and digital messages, I knew Olga Munding's connectedness was different.

I kept the note and did not plant the drop card, because following Olga Munding has been a treasure that I wanted to keep close at hand. As the director of the Jessie Mae Hemphill Foundation, and serving on the Board of the Blues Foundation in Memphis,  as well as other important historic blues preservation agencies in the South, Olga keeps planting wild flower seeds wherever she goes.

Olga contacted me again recently to announce a film project she is producing. It is the Anam Cara project. Inspired by Celtic wisdom and philosophical works, it is a film about 'soul friends.' With such an important concept to discuss with readers, I asked Olga if we could run an interview on her work. Between busy camera set ups and costume designer consultations, she was kind enough to correspond with us personally.

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ROCK TORCH: Book Review.

Rock Torch: THE BOOK

Volume 1

Music Recommendations From The Artists You Love

by Randy Abramson

About Rock Torch:

Rock Torch has been one of my favorite - and 'go to' music websites for years. I found it after Alex Chilton died. I was up all night, seeking anything I could find on the web to connect to other Big Star fans. I came across an article Randy Abramson posted with Paul Westerberg's commentary on Chilton. Perfect. Someone who 'gets it'. I was a follower.

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It Might Get Loud (Music Documentary Film)

Guitar/Rock Documentary

It Might Get Loud (Music Documentary Film)

Get this movie. I had to special order it and it took several weeks to arrive because the bookstore can't keep them in stock. This is not only a fantastic movie about the technique and inspiration of guitar musicianship, it is a three generation narrative about how to grasp your voice and blare it for the rest of the world to hear, even if they don't understand it yet.

Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin produced this film. The Edge from U2 and Jack White from the White Stripes join Page in meeting together to "talk" about their personal experiences as they evolve to become the guitarists of their current bands and beyond. In the talking, there is ALOT of guitar playing, both past and present, along with versions of each others songs on stage. Each artist shares interview conversations, photos, vintage video footage of earlier works and secrets of their craft with the audience in the first person. They reveal how they think about music, about technology, about career choices, aging, and life. In speaking directly to the audience and each other in their own voices, it brings you in ... and who wouldn't want to be brought in to the mind of Jimmy Page, The Edge and Jack White. Get this movie.

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Out On The Tiles

The Wallflowers with Trapper Schoepp and The Shades

"Love is a country that won't be overcome ..."


Northampton, Massachusetts area rock fans are patient and serious about their music. Just ask Jakob Dylan. "We've waited a long time to be here," he said, as he addressed the full house Calvin Theatre on Dec. 28, 2012. The Wallflowers concert was rescheduled from a November date. Touring with their new album, Glad All Over, The Wallflowers have had a non-stop run of great shows throughout the country, since their return to the music scene. Several songs on the set lists for these performances have been from this new record. Glad All Overhas some soon to be classic tunes on it, and fans are quickly being hooked. The band also mixed favorites into their live set list (Three Marlenas, 6th Avenue Heartache, One Headlight, The Difference), along with some hidden gems that were in a word - 'stunning.'




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